Dream Fulfilled with Aluminum Cookware!

Usually I am awake prior to my alarm sounding; but, this morning, at the gong, I was puzzled.   “Was I thinking or dreaming about ‘waterless cooking’ as I haven’t thought about that for years ; just doing it”?

When I first learned about waterless cooking I was excited for a number of reasons: The nutrients remain in the food, the food maintains its fresh color, cooking time is shorter. This means that I can place food on the table with maximum nutrition, with attractive, with colorful eye appeal, and in a very short period of time. What means most to me is the exquisite taste of fresh flavor. that hasn’t been lost in the liquid. I love carrots raw or cooked. With waterless cooking I can enjoy the fresh raw flavor with a softer more digestible texture.

The question I had when I first learned of waterless cooking was how do I keep from burning the food. Some medium is needed to cook the food such as air, water, oil, leaves, clay, or the container. With waterless cooking we us just enough water to cover the bottom of the pan which will help keep the pan at boiling water temperature, make steam which does the cooking. If hot spots occur, the food could burn at the hot spot so we want to use a container with the characteristic of excellent heat transfer such as gold, silver, aluminum, or copper. The most practical in my experience has been aluminum cookware with a few tablespoons of water to line the bottom and make steam under a substantial lid will generate cravings for vegetables from your family and guest.

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